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The Machado Lake Optimization Phase

Machado Lake

One of Los Angeles’ most beautiful urban lakes, Machado Lake sits within the Ken Malloy Harbor Regional Park. The park offers residents and visitors an oasis to experience nature, tranquility, and recreation. Originally constructed for flood control and irrigation, Machado Lake receives urban runoff from Wilmington Drain and local storm drains during the dry season and when it rains.

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To make sure the lake is healthy and meets water quality requirements, the Machado Lake Ecosystem Rehabilitation Project was completed in 2017.

This involved:

  • Removal of built-up sediments from the bottom of the lake

  • Installation of devices to remove trash and debris before reaching the lake

  • Recirculating treatment wetland and other features to remove pollutants from the water and increase oxygen to the lake, which reduces algae blooms and create a healthier lake for habitat 

Optimization Phase

Machado Lake requires an “optimization period” to ensure the project elements are working in an optimal manner to assist in meeting water quality requirements to ensure Machado Lake remains beautiful and sustainable for the long-term ecological health for park visitors to enjoy.


During this optimization period, you’ll see our staff working around the lake. You can recognize us by our yellow vests and hard hats.

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Machado Lake Wildlife Gallery

Ken Malloy Regional Harbor Park, including Machado Lake, is home to a vast array of wildlife which can be spotted when you visit the park.  Click on each photo to see names of plants and animals.

Photo credit Kevin Fistanic, Tidal Influence

Machado Lake Optimization Phase Fact Sheet
Machado Lake Optimization Phase Map
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The Machado Lake Optimization Team
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The project was paid for by voter-approved Proposition O funds that are dedicated to creating clean waterbodies in the City of Los Angeles.

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